• Journal for Advanced Instrumentation in Science

    Journal for Advanced Instrumentation in Science (JAIS) is a new peer-reviewed, open access journal specialized in advanced instrumentation both for experimental research in basic science and for technological developments and applications in different environmental and bioengineering fields. JAIS aims to span over a large variety of items, from new generation of gas and silicon detectors for particle and astroparticle physics to innovative sensors for environmental monitoring, and medical diagnostic, also with laser driven technologies. Since important role in the instrumentation development is related to the readout electronics and data processing, JAIS also intends to offer its platform to review frontier achievements in the area of microelectronics and machine learning algorithms. The goal is to provide the community of physicists and engineers involved in the above mentioned fields with a platform to publish informative summaries of important findings.

  • Journal of Machine Learning in Fundamental Sciences

    JMLFS is a quarterly, peer-reviewed, open access journal which specialises on ML driven advances in any of the fundamental sciences, here intended as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. The latter are organised in four  subsections, called A, B, C & D, each with at least one editor, with no distinction between theoretical and experimental content. JMLFS publishes submitted articles of letter type, occasional special/topical issues (by invitation) and will consider publishing proceedings (upon enquiry).

  • Arabic and World Literature: Comparative and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

    Arabic and World Literature 

    Comparative and Multidisciplinary Perspectives

    Arabic and World Literature: Comparative and Multidisciplinary Perspectives is a new open access journal that provides a forum in both English and Arabic for researchers investigating literature by Arab authors in and outside the Arabic-speaking world. Published annually, the journal promotes thought-provoking research on classical and modern, written and oral, poetry and prose, and literary and colloquial works by Arab authors. To reflect and widen the breadth and range of the growing research on Arabic literature, each volume is multidisciplinary in scope, and aims to explore the intersections of national literatures, global literary theories, and current trends in World literature.

    مجلة الأدب العربي والعالمي

    دراسات مقارنة و متعددة التخصصات

    الأدب العربي والعالمي: دراسات مقارنة و متعددة التخصصات

    هي مجلة اكاديمية جديدة سنوية تصدر باللغتين الإنجليزية والعربية للباحثين في الأدب داخل وخارج العالم الناطق بالعربية، وتشجع البحث الجاد في الأعمال الكلاسيكية والحديثة، المكتوبة والشفوية، الشعرية والنثرية، سواء اكانت بالعربية الفصحى أو العامية. وتسعى المجلة الى توسيع نطاق البحوث متعددة التخصصات، بهدف استكشاف تقاطعات الأدب العربي مع النظريات الأدبية الحديثة والاتجاهات المعاصرة في الأدب العالمي.