Journal Scope

Journal of Metal Organic Material (JMOM) covers the broad and interdisciplinary nature of research in metal-organic material, providing the ideal platform to present recent progress by material scientists, chemists, physicists, and biologists focusing on how the research in hybrid material provides both fundamental new scientific insights and novel solutions to demanding applications. The journal welcomes the submission of short communications, full research articles, and timely reviews of the field.

Topics Covered by the Journal 

  • Fundamental insights into the interplay between structure and function of hybrid material.
  • New synthetic techniques and advanced characterization methods of metal-organic material.
  • Energy, environmental, and catalysis by hybrid solids.
  • Applications of metal-organic material in gas storage and separation, and water treatment.
  • Drug delivery and biological applications.
  • Modeling and machine learning for improved performance and high-throughput synthesis.
  • Sensing, imaging, and nanodevices based on hybrid material.

Articles Types

  • Research papers
  • Review articles
  • Communication