Journal of Metal Organic Material (JMOM) covers the broad and interdisciplinary nature of research in metal-organic material, providing the ideal platform to present recent progress by material scientists, chemists, physicists, and biologists focusing on how the research in hybrid material provides both fundamental new scientific insights and novel solutions to demanding applications. The journal welcomes the submission of short communications, full research articles, and timely reviews of the field.

Editorial Board of JMOM comprises of academics from institutions all over the world. Collaboration of each member of the Editorial Board increases the quality of the peer review process which supports our vision through making sure that every submitted manuscript is reviewed under high ethical standards and following through with fair decisions on publication.

Andromeda ensures that every submitted manuscript will have a perfect editorial and production services. Accordingly, when a manuscript is submitted, it passes through many different stages handled by Andromeda's editorial, production, and technological teams.

To maintain the quality of our stages, Article Processing Charges will be charged for every accepted manuscript to cover the costs of the different stages from submission to publication. The Article Processing Charges ‘‘250 GBP’’ are clearly displayed in the submission preparation checklist of the journal and are the only fees should be charged per article (i.e., there are no submission fees or any other fees).