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Submission Guidelines

Title of article

Author’s Name:

Department, University, City, Country

Provide full correspondence details here including e-mail for the corresponding author

AWL journal operates double-blind peer review. In such cases, the manuscript should be author’s details and acknowledgements that identify the author. All such details should be provided in a separate document.


Please supply a 50- to 150-word abstract and up to 10 keywords for your book. They should be included on the first page of the first page of your manuscript.

Format and References

As a rule of thumb, text should appear in Times New Roman and no smaller than 12pt  in size (6pt for superscript characters), and should be of consistent size throughout the text.

  • References to primary and secondary sources should be made within the main text in parentheses: e.g. (Abdel-Malek 1995) or “as Abdel-Malek (1995) states ”
  • The names of all authors or editors should be listed, e.g. (Abdel-Malek and Jacobson 1999), except where there are four or more authors/editors – in which case only the surname of the first named author/editor should be listed, followed by “et al.”, e.g. (Watson et al. 2011), though this abbreviation applies to the in-text citation only
  • If necessary, page numbers or   can be added after a comma, e.g. (Watson et al. 2001, 45–6)

Full publication details should be included at the end of your paper under the heading “References”. These sections are included in your word allowance.

All references listed in the References section must have been cited in the text.

Please present your references in the following style:

  • Books

Kirk, Daniel. 2006. Book Title: Subtitle. Place of Publication: Publisher.

Kirk, Daniel, ed. 1999. Book Title: Subtitle, 3rd ed. Place of Publication: Publisher.

Abdel-Malek, Kamal, and Mouna El Kahla, eds.  Book Title: Subtitle. Place of Publication: Publisher.

  • Chapters from edited collections

Cummings, Michael. 2010. “Chapter Title: Subtitle.” In Book Title: Subtitle, edited by Danielle Smith, Abi Jones, and Nigel Porter, 00–00. Place of Publication: Publisher.

  • Journal Articles

Bennett, Wendy P., and Jon Brady. 2005. “Article Title: Subtitle.” Journal Title, Volume Number: 00–00. DOI:10.10786/598283.

  • Multiple works from the same author and year

Please differentiate by adding a letter after the year of publication, starting with “a”. For example:

Adams, Arnold. 2001a. “Article Title: Subtitle.” Journal Title, Volume Number: 00–00. DOI

Adams, Arnold. 2001b. Book Title: Subtitle. Place of Publication: Publisher.

  • Websites

Authoring Organization. 2009. “Title of Page, Document, or Article.” Accessed Month Day. page 


  • Endnotes should be indicated by inserting a superscript number at the appropriate place in the text
  • You may use the automatic note numbering system provided with your word-processing software


Where possible, please translate Arabic or modern languages yourself. If you use existing translations, note that permissions clearance may be required if the translation is in copyright and goes beyond fair use.


Please do not type headings in all capital letters or with different typefaces; use capital letters for words in headings only where this is required (e.g. first word and then any proper nouns).

Publication fees and associated charges

AWL charges fees for Open Access publication, and for color reproduction of figures. Payments can be made online during or at the end of the production process, via our Author Services site.

Print and Online Copies

Upon publication, authors are sent a free-access link to the online version of their paper.