Established in 2022, Studies in Egyptian Archaeology and Science (SEAS) is an international open-access journal that covers the implementation of physical and biological sciences to Egyptian archaeology, philology and art history. SEAS invites contributions with a focus on dating, environmental studies, remote sensing and geophysics including satellite mapping, artefact studies, conservation science and biological anthropology including a strong Egyptological research focus and cultural theory in equal measure. Contributions are expected to be evidence-based, and to follow the highest scientific and ethical standards relevant to an international scientific community.

The Editorial Board of SEAS comprises academics from institutions all over the world. Collaboration of each member of the Editorial Board increases the quality of the peer review process which supports our vision through making sure that every submitted manuscript is reviewed under high ethical standards and following through with fair decisions on publication.

The journal is published by Andromeda, Wembley/ UK and founded in 2017.

Editorial Board