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X-ray analytical methods Non-destructive testing Archaeometry Geomorphology Geochemistry
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Late ancient and medieval history Christianity Egypt Coptic Christian Arabic Archaeology Cultural heritage Cultural memory Manuscripts Monasticism Cult of the saints Christian apocrypha Christian-Muslim relations
Kim Ryholt Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. (e-mail: ryholt@hum.ku.dk)
Ancient Egyptian political and social history Ancient literature Papyrology Historiography
Elshaimaa Abdelrahim Conservation department - Faculty of archaeology - Cairo University. (e-mail: elshaimaa76@cu.edu.eg, elshaimaa76@yahoo.com)
Conservation and restoration of Pottery and Ceramic objects First Aid Treatment of Pottery and Ceramic in Excavation and Museums Display and Storage methods of Pottery and Ceramic in Museums and Stores.
Eman Khalifa Egyptology Department, Faculty of Archaeology, Cairo University, Egypt. (e-mail: ekhalifa13@gmail.com)
Egyptology Pottery Prehistory Predynastic Egypt Archaeometry