Applications of Muography to the Industrial Sector

  • P. Martinez Ruiz del Arbol Instituto de F´ısica de Cantabria, Avda Los Castros s/n, 39005, Santander, Spain
  • Aitor Orio Alonso Muon Tomography Systems S.L., Bizkaia, Spain
  • Carlos Díez Muon Tomography Systems S.L., Bizkaia, Spain
  • Pablo Gómez Garcıa Muon Tomography Systems S.L., Bizkaia, Spain
Keywords: muography, muon tomography, industrial application, nondestructive testing


Muography can be exploited as a Non-Destructive Testing technique to perform preventive maintenance of equipment and production process control in the context of the industry. The large penetration power of the muon radiation and the capability to operate the detectors without physical contact with the facility, offers unique possibilities for a large variety of industrial problems. At the some time, most of the industrial applications of muography can use engineering drawings of the equipment in such a way that only the detection of small variations with respect to that equipment are pursued. This strongly reduces the mathematical complexity of the imaging algorithms. Several use cases of muography in the industry are reviewed in this paper.

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P. Martinez Ruiz del Arbol, A. Alonso, C. Díez, and P. Garcıa, “Applications of Muography to the Industrial Sector”, Journal of Advanced Instrumentation in Science, vol. 2022, Apr. 2022.
International Workshop on Cosmic-Ray Muography (Muography2021), Ghent, Belgium