Experimental challenges in the direct search for dark matter


The goal of this special issue is to review the status of current technologies employed to directly search for dark matter. We plan to include contributions presenting the basic concepts and the main challenges of each presently used technology and contributions discussing directions for next generation dark matter searches. Some of the questions which should be addressed by the authors are:

  • How can dark-matter interactions be identified?
  • How to lower the background of current experiments?
  • How to lower the energy threshold?
  • How to scale-up the different technologies?
  • Are there smarter ways to design experiments?Are there fundamental limits to some of the technologies?

The focus of this special issue is therefore to collect papers on instrumentation and new technologies which are applied or will be applied in experiments for the direct detection of dark matter. The foreseen level of the papers should be such that experts could have a good overview and young researchers entering the field could use them as a guide.

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