Challenges for the Directional Dark Matter Direct Detection

  • Kentaro Miuchi Department of Physics, Kobe University, Hyogo 657-8501, Japan
Keywords: dark matter, nuclear recoil tracking, micro-patterned gaseous detectors, time-projection-chamber


Directional methods have been considered to provide solid proof for the direct detection of dark matter. Gaseous time-projection-chambers (TPCs) are the most mature devices for directional dark matter searches although there still exist several challenges to overcome. This paper reviews the history, current challenges, and future prospects of the gaseous TPCs for directional dark matter searches.  
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K. Miuchi, “Challenges for the Directional Dark Matter Direct Detection”, Journal of Advanced Instrumentation in Science, vol. 2024, no. 1, Apr. 2024.
Experimental challenges in the direct search for dark matter