B2G4: A synthetic Data Pipeline for the Integration of Blender Models in Geant4 Simulation Toolkit

Keywords: muon tomography, Geant4 simulations, synthetic data


The correctness and precision of particle physics simulation software, such as Geant4, are expected to yield
results that closely align with real-world observations or well-established theoretical predictions. Notably,
the accuracy of these simulated outcomes is contingent upon the software’s capacity to encapsulate detailed
attributes, including its prowess in generating or incorporating complex geometrical constructs. While the imperatives of precision and accuracy are essential in these simulations, the need to manually code highly detailed geometries emerges as a salient bottleneck in developing software-driven physics simulations. This research proposes Blender-to-Geant4 (B2G4), a modular data workflow that utilizes Blender to create 3D scenes, which can be exported as geometry input for Geant4. B2G4 offers a range of tools to streamline the creation of simulation scenes with multiple complex geometries and realistic material properties. Here, we demonstrate the use of B2G4 in a muon scattering tomography application to image the interior of a sealed steel structure. The modularity of B2G4 paves the way for the designed scenes and tools to be embedded not only in Geant4, but in other scientific applications or simulation software.

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A. Bueno Rodriguez, F. Sattler, M. Perez Prada, M. Stephan, and S. Barnes, “B2G4: A synthetic Data Pipeline for the Integration of Blender Models in Geant4 Simulation Toolkit”, Journal of Advanced Instrumentation in Science, vol. 2024, no. 1, May 2024.
International Workshop on Cosmic-Ray Muography (Muography2023), Naples, Italy