Search for more sensitive observables to charged scalar in \(B \rightarrow D^{(*)}\tau\nu_{\tau}\) decays.

  • Lobsang Dhargyal Harish-Chandra Research Institute
Keywords: new R(D(*)) observables


It has been known that $B \rightarrow D^{(*)} \tau \nu_{\tau}$ are good observables in the search for the charged Higgs. The recent obervation of deviation from standard-model by almost 4$\sigma$ by Babar, Belle and LHCb in $R(D^{(*)})$ revived the interest in possible signal of presence of charged Higgs in these modes. But such a large deviation in the rates, where standard-model has tree level contribution, coming from a charged Higgs alone is highly unlikely. However these decay modes are good probes to search for small charged Higgs signal if we can construct sensitive observables in these modes. In this work we would like to propose four new observables which shows much more sensitivity to the presence of charged Higgs than the usual observables such as $A_{\lambda}^{D^{(*)}}$ and $A_{\theta}^{D^{(*)}}$. These four observable are (1) $\frac{1}{A_{\lambda}^{D}}$,\ (2) $Y_{1}(q^{2}) = \frac{A^{D}_{\theta}}{A^{D}_{\lambda}}$,\ (3) $Y_{2}(q^{2}) = \frac{d\Gamma(B \rightarrow D^{*}\tau\nu_{\tau})}{d\Gamma_{D}(\lambda_{\tau}=+1/2) - d\Gamma_{D}(\lambda_{\tau}=-1/2)}$ and (4) $Y_{3}(q^{2}) = (\frac{q^{2}}{m^{2}_{\tau}})(A^{D}_{\lambda} + 1)\frac{1}{A^{D}_{\lambda}}$.