Collider signature of \(V_2\) Leptoquark with \( b\to s\) flavour observables

  • Avirup Shaw Physical Research Laboratory
  • Aritra Biswas
  • Abhaya Kumar Swain
Keywords: LFUV, Leptoquark, Collider


The Leptoquark model has been instrumental in explaining the observed lepton flavour universality violating charged ($b\to c$) and neutral ($b\to s$) current anomalies that have been the cause for substantial excitement in particle physics recently. In this article we have studied the role of one (designated as $V_2^{\frac 43}$) of the components of {\boldmath${V}_2$} vector leptoquark doublet with electromagnetic charge $\frac 43$ in explaining the neutral current ($b\to s$) anomalies $R_{K^{(*)}}$ and $B_s\to\mu^+\mu^-$. Moreover, we have performed a thorough collider search for this $V_2^{\frac 43}$ Leptoquark using $b\bar{b} \ell^+ \ell^-$ ($\ell\equiv e, \mu$) final state at the Large Hadron Collider. From our collider analysis we maximally exclude the mass of the $V_2^{\frac 43}$ Leptoquark up to 2340 GeV at 95\% confidence level for the 13 TeV Large Hadron Collider for an integrated luminosity of 3000 ${\rm fb}^{-1}$. Furthermore, a significant portion of the allowed parameter space that is consistent with the neutral current ($b\to s$) observables is excluded by collider analysis.