Normalization of the Ground State of the Supersymmetric Harmonic Oscillator

  • Ahmed Ayad University of the Witwatersrand
Keywords: supersymmetry breaking, perturbation theory, nonperturbative effects


Supersymmetry plays a main role in all current thinking about superstring theory. Indeed, many remarkable properties of string theory have been explained using supersymmetry as a tool. So far, there has been
no unbroken supersymmetry observed in nature, and if nature is described by supersymmetry, it must be
broken. Supersymmetry may be broken spontaneously at any order of perturbation theory or dynamically
due to nonperturbative effects. To examine the methods of supersymmetry breaking, special attention is
given to discuss the normalization of the ground state of the supersymmetric harmonic oscillator. This
study explains that perturbation theory gives incorrect results for both the ground-state wave function
and the energy spectrum and it fails to give an explanation to the supersymmetry breaking.