5 Reasons to Expect an 8 MeV Line in the SN 1987A Neutrino Spectrum

  • Robert Ehrlich George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030, USA
Keywords: neutrino line, monochromatic neutrinos, SN 1987A, supernova, dark matter, galactic center, KATRIN experiment


Evidence was previously reported for an 8 MeV neutrino line associated with SN 1987A based on an analysis of 997 events recorded in the Kamiokande-II detector on the day of the supernova. That claimed line, however, occurred at the peak of the background spectrum, and both had a similar shape, making the claim tenuous at best. Here the claim is buttressed by providing five reasons to expect such an 8 MeV neutrino line. A final section of the paper concerns the ongoing KATRIN experiment to find the neutrino mass, which might provide additional support for the line, should it validate a controversial 3 + 3 model of the
neutrino masses, including a tachyonic \((m^2 < 0)\) mass.

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