Domain Walls and M2-Branes Partition Functions: M-Theory and ABJM Theory

  • Muhammad Nouman Muteeb Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan
Keywords: open topological string wave function, gauged WZW models, domain walls


We study the BPS counting functions (free energies) of the M-string configurations. We consider separated M5-branes along with M2-branes stretched between them, with M5-branes acting as domain walls interpolating different configurations of M2-branes. We find recursive structure in the free energies of these configurations.
The M-string degrees of freedom on the domain walls are interpreted in terms of a pair of interacting supersymmetric WZW models. We also compute the elliptic genus of the M-string in a toy model of the ABJM theory and compare it with the M-theory computation.

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