Higgs Portal Vector Dark Matter Interpretation: Review of Effective Field Theory Approach and Ultraviolet Complete Models

  • Mohamed Zaazoua Mohammed V University in Rabat, Faculty of Science, Morocco
  • Loan Truong University of Johannesburg, Department of Mechanical Engineering Science, South Africa
  • Kétévi Adikle Assamagan Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), USA
  • Farida Fassi Mohammed V University in Rabat, Faculty of Science, Morocco
Keywords: vector, dark matter, interpretation, Higgs, decay


A review of the Higgs portal-vector dark matter interpretation of the spin-independent dark-matter nucleon
elastic scattering cross section is presented, where the invisible Higgs decay width measured at the
LHC is used. Effective Field Theory and ultraviolet complete models are discussed. LHC interpretations
show only the scalar and Majorana dark-matter scenarios; we propose to include interpretation for vector
dark matter in the EFT and UV completions theoretical framework. In addition, our studies suggest an
extension of the LHC dark matter interpretations to the sub-GeV regime.

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