FRW Cosmology with a Varying Cubic Deceleration Parameter

  • Leishingam Kumrah National Institute of Technology Manipur
  • S. Surendra Singh
  • L. Anjana Devi
  • Md Khurshid Alam
Keywords: Friedmann-Robertson-Walker model, Dark energy, Singularity, Big Rip, Quintessence, Phantom energy


In this work, a new law of a varying deceleration parameter of a third degree has been proposed. The solutions
of the modified field equations have been derived under the newly proposed law of the deceleration
parameter. The model exhibits the big bang singularity at a cosmic time (t = 0) and shows a big rip at
t = n, and then, it reenters the phase of initial singularity at t = 2n and ends its cyclic behavior at t = 3n.
The evolution of the physical and dynamical parameters of the Universe has been studied, and the graphical
representation has also been shown. Further, Om(z) diagnostic parameter and the energy conditions
have also been studied together with their graphical representations.

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