An A4 Model for keV-Scale Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter

  • Mayengbam Kishan Singh Manipur University
  • N. Nimai Singh
Keywords: Sterile neutrino, Dark matter, A4 model, Beyond standard model


We develop an A4 × Z4 × Z2 symmetry model of neutrino masses and mixings within the minimal extended
seesaw mechanism where three right-handed neutrinos νR1, νR2, and νR3 and a keV-scale singlet
sterile neutrino S are added to the Standard Model. This model breaks μ-τ symmetry of the neutrino mass
matrix and successfully explains leptonic mixing with nonzero θ13.We study the phenomenological results
of the keV-scale sterile neutrino as a dark matter candidate by calculating the relic abundance and its decay
rate to active neutrinos. Significant results are also observed for solar and atmospheric mixing angles
within the 3σ bounds, sum of the active neutrino masses (Σmi < 0.12 eV), and effective neutrino mass from
neutrinoless double beta decay, meff ∼ (0.001174–0.004367) eV for NH and meff ∼ (0.04766–0.05088) eV for

Special Issue on Neutrinos and Dark Matter-2022