Mono-Z/W Signal from Nearly Degenerate Higgsinos at the LHC

  • Junichiro Kawamura IBS-CTPU
Keywords: LHC, DM


In this paper, I point out that the hadronic mono-Z/W signal can give significant constraints on the higgsinos
at the LHC. The higgsinos at O(100 GeV) are well motivated to explain the size of the electroweak
(EW) scale in the minimal supersymmetric (SUSY) standard model. The higgsinos up to 110 (210) GeV can
be excluded by the 139 (300) fb−1 data, and the 3000 fb−1 data will discover (exclude) the higgsinos up to
280 (520) GeV, assuming that the higgsino states are effectively invisible in the detector. This strategy could
be applicable to other dark matter (DM) particles.

Special Issue on Neutrinos and Dark Matter-2022