VISHν: Flavour-Variant DFSZ Axion Model for Inflation, Neutrino Masses, Dark Matter, and Baryogenesis

  • Raymond R. Volkas The University of Melbourne
Keywords: strong CP problem, axion, domain wall, flavour, inflation, naturalness


The standard flavour-blind DFSZ axion model for solving the strong-CP problem has in the past been
extended to account for nonzero neutrino masses and baryogenesis-via-leptogenesis through the Type-I
seesaw mechanism, in addition to having viable axion dark matter. Constructing a full and viable cosmological
history, however, requires dealing with the cosmological domain wall problem posed by standard
DFSZ. In this paper, I report on work with A. Sopov where this challenge is addressed through a flavourvariant
model called VISHν that removes the domain wall problem and incorporates successful Higgs-
Peccei-Quinn scalar inflation. As part of this, we ensure that the required new high-scale physics does not
add to the electroweak naturalness problem.

Special Issue on Neutrinos and Dark Matter-2022