Neutrino Oscillations Induced by Chiral Torsion

  • RIYA BARICK Satyendra Nath Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
  • Indrajit Ghose
  • Amitabha Lahiri
Keywords: Chiral Torsion, NSI, Neutrino Mixing


Neutrino mixing is caused by the fact that neutrino flavors are not eigenstates of the free Hamiltonian.
This causes oscillations among different neutrino flavors. When neutrinos pass through a medium, weak
interactions produce different effective masses for neutrinos of different flavors, leading to a modification
of the mixing parameters. In curved spacetime, there is an additional contribution to neutrino Hamiltonian
from a torsion-induced four-fermion interaction, which also causes neutrino mixing while propagating
through fermionic matter.We provide an outline of the calculation of this effect on neutrino oscillation.

Special Issue on Neutrinos and Dark Matter-2022