Implications of Nonperturbative Effects for Colored Dark Sectors

  • Mathias Becker JGU Mainz
  • Julia Harz JGU Mainz
  • Emanuele Copello JGU Mainz
  • Kirtimaan A. Mohan MSU
  • Dipan Sengupta Adelaide University
Keywords: Dark Matter, nonperturbative effects, dark matter phenomenology


The non-observation of WIMP dark matter might be explained by the existence of complex dark sectors.
We illustrate, on a model of colored coannihilation, that the Sommerfeld effect and bound state formation
are fundamental in calculating the relic density of dark matter accurately.We point out that a flat correction
factor accounting for those effects cannot be employed. Furthermore, we find that the parameter previously
excluded by experiments still remains viable. Lastly, we demonstrate that bound state searches at the LHC
can be crucial in testing such a model.

Special Issue on Neutrinos and Dark Matter-2022