Neutrino Mass Ordering Using Synergy between ICAL, T2HK, and JUNO

  • Deepak Raikwal HRI Prayagraj
  • Sandhya Choubey
  • Monojit Ghosh
Keywords: Mass ordering


In this work, we investigated mass ordering sensitivity using a combination of three experiments (ICAL,
T2HK, and JUNO). All three differ in terms of baselines, energy range, and oscillation channels. All three
have some limitations that can be addressed through a combined study.We obtained more than 5σ sensitivity
for the unfavorable δCP phase, despite the JUNO detector’s poor resolution (if 3%/

E not achievable).
We showed that increasing the run time for ICAL improves the overall sensitivity for MO measurement
when combined with T2HK and JUNO. Our results demonstrate the power of combining multiple experiments
to achieve more accurate and robust results in neutrino physics.We hope our work will contribute to
future experimental efforts in this field and facilitate a deeper understanding of the fundamental properties
of neutrinos.

Special Issue on Neutrinos and Dark Matter-2022