Muon g −2, Dark Matter, and Lepton Flavor Violation in SUSY-GUT’s

  • Mario Gomez Huelva U.
  • Smaragda Lola
  • Qaisar Shafi
  • Amit Tiwari
  • Cem Un
Keywords: Supersymmetry, Phenomenology.


We perform an analysis of the predictions of several supersymmetric Grand Unified Theories (GUTs) for
Dark Matter and the measurements of the muon anomalous magnetic moment (muon g − 2) consistent
with possible Lepton Flavor Violating (LFV) signal in charged lepton decays. Each GUT predicts different
Dark Matter (DM) scenarios, which can be used to classify SUSY models and contrast their predictions with
experimental evidences. We find that models arising from SU(4)c × SU(2)L × SU(2)R can predict DM of
cosmological interest while explaining the observed value of the muon g − 2. Furthermore, we show that
when this framework is extended with a simple type 1 seesaw mechanism to explain neutrino masses,
many models also predict charged LFV decays that can be observed in current experiments.

Special Issue on Neutrinos and Dark Matter-2022