Constraining BSM Models with Precision Measurements at Future Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments

  • Alessio Giarnetti Roma Tre University & INFN
Keywords: Neutrino, Oscillation, LBL, BSM


Neutrino oscillations are a very well-established phenomenon, and in the last two decades, we have been
able to determine almost all the oscillation parameters with a few percent precision. However, there is still
room for the possibility of the presence of new physics effects. In this context, long-baseline (LBL) accelerator
experiments provide a great environment to probe BSM (Beyond Standard Model) models. These
experiments can look at different oscillation channels at both short (near detectors) and long (far detectors)
distances, working with well-controlled focused neutrino beams. Two of the most promising future LBL
experiments are DUNE in the USA and T2HK in Japan, which may be part of a bigger experiment (T2HKK)
with a second detector in Korea.We studied the performances of these experiments in constraining different

Special Issue on Neutrinos and Dark Matter-2022