Macroscopic Noncommutative-Geometry Wormholes as Emergent Phenomena

  • Peter K.F. Kuhfittig Milwaukee School of Engineering
Keywords: traversable wormholes; noncommutative geometry


Noncommutative geometry, an offshoot of string theory, replaces point-like particles with smeared objects.
These local effects have led to wormhole solutions in a semiclassical setting, but it has also been
claimed that the noncommutative effects can be implemented by modifying only the energy-momentum
tensor in the Einstein field equations, while leaving the Einstein tensor unchanged. The implication is that
noncommutative-geometry wormholes could be macroscopic. The purpose of this paper is to confirm this
conclusion in a simpler and more concrete manner by showing that the throat radius can indeed be macroscopic.
This result can be readily explained by considering the noncommutative-geometry background to
be a fundamental property and the macroscopic wormhole spacetime to be emergent.


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