Intermediate-Distance String Effects in Wilson Loops via Boundary Action

  • Mostafa Nasr Khalil Al-Azhar university
  • Ali Mohammed Khalaf
  • Mahmoud Kotb
  • Madiha Dessoky Okasha
  • Gamal Saber Moawad Ahmed
  • Ahmed Saad Bakry
  • Maksym Deliyergiyev
Keywords: Boundary terms, Bosonic strings, Effective string theory, Lattice gauge theory, Flux tubes, string formation, Confinement, Monte Carlo Methods


The density profile of the QCD flux tube is investigated within the framework of the L¨ uscher-Weisz (LW)
string action with two boundary terms. The transverse action profile and potential between static quarks
are considered using Wilson’s loop overlap formalism at zero temperature in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory. We
find the predictions of the LWstring matching the lattice data for the width of the energy-density and Q ¯Q
potential up to a small color-source separation of R = 0.32 fm.

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