Higgs Boson: 10 Years Turning the Possible into the Known

  • Andre David CERN
Keywords: Higgs boson, Experimental Particle Physics


The first decade of H0(125) measurements has been bountiful, allowing us to explore multiple facets of this
unique scalar particle. Most measurements to date have been found to be compatible with expectations
derived from the Standard Model of particle physics. Nevertheless, for all the possibilities that have been
verified to exist in nature, much remains to be uncovered, different interactions await being measured, and
other extensions and possibilities are still to be tested. In this article, we review a few of the experimental
measurements of the H0(125) particle performed in the first decade after its discovery, including its spinparity
characterization, some of its rare and challenging decays, searches for other Higgs bosons, and first
strides toward measuring the H0(125) self-interaction from the study of the production of H0(125) pairs.
The role of improvements in analysis techniques and detector technologies in making these possible is
highlighted throughout.

Special Issue on Higgs Physics, and beyond, after 10 Years since the Discovery