Higgs Boson Physics: The View Ahead

  • Howard E. Haber University of California, Santa Cruz
Keywords: Higgs boson, Standard Model, electroweak symmetry breaking, extended Higgs sectors, 2HDM


Eleven years ago, the Higgs boson was discovered at the LHC. I briefly survey the status of Higgs boson
physics today and explore some of the implications for future Higgs studies. Although current experimental
measurements are consistent with interpreting the observed Higgs boson as being consistent with the
predictions of the Standard Model of particle physics, it is still possible that the Higgs boson is a member of
an extended scalar sector that lies beyond the Standard Model. Nevertheless, an extended Higgs sector is
already highly constrained. The Higgs sector can also serve as a portal to new physics beyond the Standard
Model. Finally, two Higgs wishlists are assembled that merit future study and clarification at the LHC and
future collider facilities now under development.

Special Issue on Higgs Physics, and beyond, after 10 Years since the Discovery