Higgs Bosons in B-L Supersymmetric Standard Model

  • Shaaban Khalil Zewail City
Keywords: Heavy Higgs, Supersymmetric model, Large Hadron Collider


(BLSSM), which features a natural incorporation of a seesaw mechanism for generating light neutrino
masses.We aim to explore the various phenomenological implications arising from the Higgs sector within
this class of models. Specifically, we investigate the detection of a heavy neutral CP-even Higgs boson of
the BLSSM, denoted as h′ , with a mass approximately of 400 GeV, at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) via
the channel pp → h′ → hh → 2b +2ℓ. Additionally, we assess the consistency of a light Higgs boson, with
a mass around 90–95 GeV, with the results of a search conducted by the CMS collaboration in the diphoton

Special Issue on Higgs Physics, and beyond, after 10 Years since the Discovery