Electroweak Baryogenesis and Higgs Physics

  • Carlos E.M. Wagner University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory
Keywords: Higgs Physics, New Physics at the Weak Scale, Electroweak Baryogenesis, Collider Physics, CP Violation, Electric Dipole Moments


We discuss the constraints on the Higgs sector coming from the requirement of the generation of the matterantimatterasymmetry at the electroweak phase transition. These relate to both a strongly first-order transition, necessary for the preservation of the generated baryon asymmetry, and CP violation, necessary for
its generation. This scenario may lead to exotic decays of the Standard Model like Higgs, a deviation of the
di-Higgs production cross section, or CP violation in the Higgs sector. All these aspects are expected to be
probed by the LHC as well as by electric dipole moment experiments, among others. Further phenomenological
implications are discussed in this short review.

Special Issue on Higgs Physics, and beyond, after 10 Years since the Discovery