Upgoing ANITA events as evidence of the CPT symmetric universe

  • Luis Alfredo Anchordoqui City University of New York
  • Vernon Barger
  • John Learned
  • Danny Marfatia
  • Thomas Weiler
Keywords: Dark matter, neutrino signals


We explain the two upgoing ultra-high energy shower events observed by ANITA as arising from the decay in the Earth’s interior of the quasi-stable dark matter candidate in the CPT symmetric universe. The dark matter particle is a 480 PeV right-handed neutrino that decays into a Higgs boson and a light Majorana neutrino. The latter interacts in the Earth’s crust to produce a tau lepton that in turn initiates an atmospheric upgoing shower. The fact that both events emerge at the same angle from the Antarctic ice-cap suggests an atypical dark matter density distribution in the Earth.

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